The country is headed on the wrong track.

Darryl didn't want to play poker.


Who do you suspect?

Does Clarence look nervous to you?

My gums are bleeding.

We talked about a variety of topics.

Is it that hard?


I learned that from Joel.


Your assistant told me to wait here.

That book is theirs.

That's Lukas's umbrella.


Some say the boat got lost, others say it was swallowed by a whale.

I wasn't expecting Sal to be there.

I have many language books.

That sounds pretty stupid.

Eli might not want to go.

I can't count on you.

I want to see him first.

It's very easy to sound natural in your own native language, and very easy to sound unnatural in your non-native language.

You're turning red.

Karen has a small penis.

They're still looking for a new manager.

I hit the snooze button and went back to sleep.

I know you feel grateful.

I love carrots!

How come you're so busy?

The Anglo-Saxons enriched the language by borrowing words from other languages.

A foreign language cannot be learned in only two weeks.

Stewart is quite thin.

Why would you want to do a thing like that?


It's impossible to take on more work at the moment.

Don't say that.

I have a surprise for you, sweetheart.

Was that you I saw with Sarah near the river?

Who brought this?

You're delusional. Go to bed!

He was shy at the beginning.

Why do you guys always ask me that?

Urs is a language nerd.

Nothing can be preserved that is not good.

She's a former child actor.

May I have something hot to drink?

You should've warned me.

I postponed the event.

We have to trust them.

How can one achieve such brilliant results?

Do you like comic books?

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I think Srinivasan is naive.


Have a great night.

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What a worthy cause!

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Eileen is Devon's half-sister.

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Did they approve your project?

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They gave us their word.

Ian is very handsome, isn't he?

I told the truth.

I have a feeling that we may win.

Fall is the best season for sports.

Break for bath & food, back in about 40 minutes!

Please stop singing that song.

My address is Puistokatu.

It would be to your advantage to prepare questions in advance.

Naresh doesn't know anything about me.

I just can't get the information I need.

Nobody studies in my country.

Naked yoga is becoming increasingly popular.

But the earth's magnetic field is very weak.

The clean towels are in the drawer.


I think you'd better leave.

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Fish abounds in the ocean.

You're losing your marbles.

Midori sometimes drops consonants.


I'd like to reconfirm my flight.

Turn your bag inside out.

Her beautiful dress drew my attention.


It doesn't matter, right?


Herve asked Gerald to quit smoking.

His relatives began to keep away from him.

You'll succeed if you try.

The left turn signal will only activate if a vehicle in the left turn lane triggers the sensor embedded in the roadway.

He had three sons.

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Can someone accept that phone call?

I was offended by his behavior.

I think what you're looking for is in the back of the closet.

I take it you two know each other.

This is the largest temple that I have ever seen.

Yesterday I hung out with Tony.

Let's do this properly.

Tell me who you haunt, I'll tell you who you are.

She was clothed in wool.

I'm the guilty one.

I'll hold you responsible for this.

This was built some 500 years ago.

Every picture tells a story.

Kuldip tapped his fingers impatiently.

They killed more than three thousand sailors.

Vishal is supervising.

I can't get this work done by anybody.

Trey lost his house keys.

Do you seriously believe that?

Christian drew a house and a tree.

Panzer found an ancient gold coin.


He recoiled before his master's anger.


They have won a victory over us.

Speak to me.

Would you mind if I catch some sleep?


Quintus has two servants.

The photo doesn't do us justice.

Yumi is studying English intensively.

I admire Shadow's dedication.

After six hours' climbing, we finally succeeded in reaching the top of the mountain.

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You're competent but you're slacking.

They weren't busy.

She has led a very sheltered life.

We must do something for him.

He doesn't like us.

Don't tell me you really believed what Heidi said.

You're exactly right.

Streets are often twisted and narrow in the suburbs.

What's your favorite muscle car?

You can't even tell it's me in those pictures.

They are not talking.

Why are you scared of me?

I waited for a bus to come.

I go to Boston all the time.

Don't forget to write the date.

I'm using a computer.

My camera doesn't need to be fixed.

My daughter was in a light blue dress.

You owe me an apology for that.

We give this town to the Serb Nation.

It's kind of desperate.

The war ended in 1954.

I've tried, but without success.


You'll go without television.

They searched for the girl.

Please don't get up.

What are Grace's true intentions?

I'll get Jitendra for you.

Val has the experience necessary.

Is Ahmet a good person?

Mari moved into the apartment below me a couple of summers ago.

I can play Chopin.

Joanne's bruises are gone.

They were all agog for the news.


In the middle of the crowd I chanced to catch a sight of Madonna.

I saw David a few minutes ago.

I wrote down her address so as not to forget it.

During the vacation my sister and I stayed at a small village at the foot of Mt. Fuji.

Patricio is the only one who has to leave.

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I'm sorry, I didn't mean to offend you.

Let me help you. Your bag looks very heavy.

I'm sorry. I didn't mean to step on you.

Murat climbed down.

He doesn't seem to be breathing...

I'm sure you'll be a valuable asset to our company.

What the heart thinks, the mouth speaks.

Leila is a graduate.

Though it's now January, it's warm like early spring.

We took up that problem at the last meeting.

Are you seriously asking me to give that to you?

Mass production lowers the cost of certain goods.

Deb took off his gloves.

Say it to your sister!

The English word is not easy.

Joon hasn't yet said anything to me about that.

I think you should get a haircut.

Where did you drive them?

Piet is a good friend of Courtney's.


I don't want to wear this stupid tie.


I want everything in this box.

Thad is grim.

We mustn't add wood to this fire.

It's never just a kiss.

There were no stores in the Yukon.