That was a very risky thing to do.

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A nephew is a son of one's brother or sister.

The airliner didn't have a cockpit voice recorder.

We must get some help.

Spenser's mother often scrutinizes him for every small mistake he makes.

If your illness becomes worse, call in a specialist.


Can I trust you not to open this?


I owe him 50,000 yen.

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I could only feel how the knife buried in my back.

She met a friend.

I only want Blaine.

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He takes a group of students to Spain every summer.

We shouldn't have told Marsh about the party.

I understand why.

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Liyuan is tone deaf.


I have a horrible cough and I end up waking up often during the night.

Hanako questioned his sincerity.

I was raised in an orphanage in Boston.

Engineering service will be taken up by the Japanese company.

Donne is a yoga teacher.


I want to run for president.

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She cremated him within 24 hours of his death.

They brawled.

He who asks is a fool for five minutes, but he who does not ask remains a fool forever.

Daniele enjoys watching baseball games on TV with his grandfather.

There was a bus in the way.

It's your book.

Which is correct?

They are boiling water for tea.

According to Dan, Linda had killed herself.

I'm busy on Saturday.

Welcome to our first German class.

If he should arrive late, you may start the conference without him.

I don't want to see anyone now.

In fact, you are quite right.

She is just a little girl.


Rob didn't graduate from here.

I bought flowers because I am going to visit my grandmother this afternoon.

I've got a terrible toothache.


I've got some problems with my concentration.

I haven't eaten for two days.

Cathy didn't take much persuading.


Where were you standing?


Major cleaned his glasses.


Alcohol took over his life.


What's with the outfit?


I do travel quite a bit.


He wants an iPad mini.

Tollefsen is one of the three men that came here yesterday.

Jem didn't write this.


I think Marek is the one who'll win.

The humidity is down.

It's a very delicate subject.

When was the last time you and I saw each other?

Where did you find that strange thing?


He was sick of being vilified all the time by people who were jealous of his ability.

Dan was riding in the back seat.

The box was too big and awkward, so I put these in a bag and brought them.


The baby fell asleep in the cradle.

The victim's family wanted the murder case reopened.

I just want to look at it, that's all.

To hope is better than to despair.

Owen helped Carter get up from her seat.


Sharada cooks for Donne every day.


You don't want to know what happened to him.

Hume can't stay here.

I'll see you at the airport.


The dog awoke to the danger.

What do you think of the gift Everett gave you?

It looks like it'll clear up.

Do you hear how fast he speaks?

Even adults do a lot of stupid things.

You really look great.

Can I speak with Judy?


It was civil of him to offer his seat to the old man.

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She isn't married.

Oil is transported by tanker.

Do you think they're coming after us?


Kurt said he was three months behind on alimony.

Some of the meteorites found on Earth are actually pieces of the planet Mars. As of June 2006, thirty-four "Martian meteorites" have been found.

I'm happy for this opportunity.


What is Mr. Johnson's first name?

We moved last year.

He needs a bath.


The tree thrusts its branches far and wide.


I am mildly annoyed about just spending a while controlling my mother's computer with VNC, then with ssh.


She is a strumpet.

Beowulf became king of the Geats.

We have no idea where he is.

You stay away.

At the beginning, many adherents proposed one or another little reform. Democratically, Zamenhof gave ear to all and reported them with faithful care in the La Esperantisto magazine.


In general, men run faster than women.


She was secretly pleased.


Let me do all the talking.


Who will be the next pope?


I've reconsidered it.

He's going through a mid-life crisis.

I feel like translating has become very unenjoyable.

Bert laid his cards down on the table with a smile.

She went to Italy for the purpose of studying music.

Do you want to go to the zoo this afternoon?

I used to hate you.

It all turned out for the best in the end.

There used to be a post office on the corner.


She absented herself from the lesson.


There being nothing else to do, we went for a drive.


I can't talk to him right now.


I hope the weather will be good.

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Spock started scrubbing the floor.

I can't speak for her.

Lee never said anything.

I want to know what you're doing to find Malaclypse.

Everything really sucks!

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Carol didn't want to make the same mistake as Valerie did.

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The instructor advised me to get exercise every day.

Jane is in a lot of pain, but he says that he can take it.

I shouldn't have yelled at her.


I think it's too expensive; besides, it doesn't even look that good...

The puncture wound was very deep and had to be examined for infection.

This man has a horse.

Why don't you come over around six or so?

Your head is starting to droop.

There is every promise of success.

He described the man as a model gentleman.


Sophie, who was hungry, ate everything that she could grab.


Jay wondered how good a singer Vinod really was.

She opens the window.

I need your passport and three pictures.


I haven't read it yet.


Will you report everything truthfully?

What's the difference between liking and loving someone?

Maybe I should help Marla.

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Maria held a knife to Kerri's throat.

What caused such a great rebellion?

Did you know the phone's off the hook?

It pays in the long run to buy goods of high quality.

I had a few things to correct.

There is one point which is not noted on the contract.

Shahid didn't look angry.

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What are you going to do when the one you love does not love you.

Am I speaking with Taylor?

I'm supposed to go to Boston next week to attend a wedding.

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Please be careful in Boston, OK?

"If I were a rich man..."

The window to the world can be covered by a newspaper.

I'm sort of in the middle of something right now.

Did you speak to them today?

The rumors spread soon abroad.

One of the dogs started barking.