Tell me your impression of this book.

A ship which conveys oil is called an oil tanker.


I am growing fond of them.


All questions have answers.


Franklin is powerful.


Are we broke?

Today's my grandmother's birthday.

I know where to hide.

Nou was obviously drunk.

This is really delicious.

Thou shalt be generous, and give largesse to everyone.

I don't know why I have to do this.


How many detainees are held at Guantanamo?

Anne asked to me to be his best man.

Listen, he doesn't know what he says.


None of the other kids want to play with Dawn.

Louise asked Shakil to come again.

Did Kylo tell you anything about his family?

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Bonnie gave Adlai a piece of his mind.


All I really need to know in life I learned in Tatoeba.

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The bottle fell and broke.

The Australian Prime Minister has said that he does not intend to engage in megaphone diplomacy with Egypt over the jailing of an Australian journalist.

I want to get you someplace where I know you'll be safe.


It is certainly a tasty delicacy. To all of you I say "bon appetit."

I have no wish to make you do anything you don't want to do.

I was going to talk to Richard about that.

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Everybody calls him Hsuan.

Would you like to have dinner sometime?

The Chinese New Year is also known as the Spring festival or Lunar New Year.

Del must've gone that way.

Don't be afraid of speaking in public.


If you decided to work for us we would pay you twice as much.


We'll be back after this short break.

Do you go to church every Sunday?

The Aztecs spoke Nahuatl.

Instead of interacting with each other, each of the family members turned their attention to their mobile devices, engrossing themselves in their own entertainments.

What have you got against Billie?


You don't have to feel bad for that.

I can come.

Her unexpected visit got him all worked up.

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She laid the magazine on the table.

Somebody's here.

Dana left three days ago.

He lost his father when he was three years old.

I give my word.

I listened to the top 10 songs of the eighties.

Not all people are equal. That's, on one hand, good news because it means that not all people are bad.

Timothy tried to tell Glen that he liked her.

We had a heated discussion.

They went trudging across the desert.

Is he a good person?

That's immoral.

Put those flowers wherever we can see them well.

Can I borrow cash with this card?

I'll be alone.

I don't really want to leave you.

My father is only fifteen years old.

He worked for one and a half years in the Netherlands.

Let's see if I can pass the test.

He'll answer your letter soon.

Karl is my inspiration.


Kees is tired, and so am I.


Please don't take any trouble on my account.

It is very important to address the problem.

Professor Hudson is my father's friend.

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We're newlyweds.

We almost left.

Their hut is situated in the valley.

The lights have been burning all night.

We studied about King Henry VIII in our history class today.


Let the wedding begin.


He will do anything to make money.

I can't speak French at all.

You have to talk to me.

He killed himself by driving recklessly.

And so they didn't marry and they lived happily until the end of their lives.


You can watch TV after supper.

They drink coffee.

I would prefer the black one, there.


He stood with his feet wide apart.


Someone asked about Texas.


Be careful when you shop, because some sales people will try to take advantage of you and offer you an expensive price.

The water is waist-deep.

Everybody was startled.

The cheetah is the fastest animal in the world.

I sat up last night until two o'clock watching the Olympic Games on TV.

She took her book.

I'll vote for Trying.

Physical fitness requires time and dedication.

Honzo doesn't have as many friends as I do.

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Who cares when she gets married?

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First of all, let's look at this famous picture.

The stars shone all the time.

My father couldn't afford a car, when he was young.


You're looking for a job, aren't you? Shouldn't you be out pounding the pavement?

I'm an adult.

I need some time to think about it.


She is full of potential.

The next time I tell you to do something, do it.

His story was too ridiculous for anyone to believe.


I can't hate you.

It's possible that she won't come.

Don't smoke while you are on duty.

How I love pineapples!

Maybe you should leave me alone.


The police consider Barney a suspect.

Please read the numbers on the meter.

I can't believe Patricia went out with Hazel.

I watched the sun rise over the city.

So, how long have you known Myrick?


The red belt sets off her black dress.

I met her at Clayton's house.

"Do you find me repulsive?" "No, of course not."


Presume not on thy heart when mine is slain; thou gav'st me thine, not to give back again.


I greeted my neighbors.

I told Herman that I wouldn't help him.

OK people, listen up.


I should know better than to buy anything from Marnix.

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I like sashimi.

Are you going to attend ceremony?

You'll have to be more specific.


Christina is playing tennis with Barton.

Srinivasan could hear the cat scratching the door.

What's your name, son?

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I'm not an astrologer.

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You'll wish you had studied harder.

People lost faith in banks.

I didn't say I believed it.

Don't attach it to your head.

I want to become a musician.


Piercarlo is captain of the football team and is on the baseball team as well.

Brian bought some lipstick for Kate.

Even though he was sick, he went to school.


You've lied to us before.

His English is really good.

What rooms are there in your house?

Support vector machines are supervised learning models used for classification and regression analysis.

Have you ever loved somebody so much that it made you cry?

Common sense tells me that this isn't the way to do it.

Wolf didn't need any help.


Don't rush.

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Tyler translated the letter into French.


I kind of liked her.

Did you read that?

Between them, the two largest companies account for a share large than 50% of the market.

I think you're ruining your life.

That's a simple matter.

You called the wrong number.

I can't believe you'd cheat on Dori. After everything she's been through!

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She's done this before.

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I had no difficulty in carrying the plan out.

Hienz is a bank clerk.

I'm trying to get enough money to buy a new guitar.

I'm sure Hamilton will want to go with us.

Real friendship doesn't mean that you will never run out of things to say, but that you don't get embarrassed when you don't have anything to say.