Pitawas doesn't get along with his neighbors like he used to.


Starbuck is a better chess player than I expected him to be.

He threw the ball to first base.

My brother and I were very close.

Now that's a problem.

My father slept through the movie.

Are you going to buy that dress you were looking at yesterday?

I can't possibly accept this.


We saw the traces of a bear in the snow.

No matter how you look at it, Satoshi Kon was a top class director and mangaka.

I want to know who gave that to you.

Pilot felt very tired after sleeping for so long.

Geoff is still a small boy.


The kitty is trying to hide from the rain.

Let me tell you everything I know.

Kusum is a cave diver.

The trade balance registered a surplus of $76 billion, with exports reaching $314 billion and imports $238 billion.

Thanks to my classmates, who helped me during hard times!

We're concerned about it, too.

I wish you a pleasant voyage.


Is there a bank where I can exchange yen for dollars?

Have him do it.

I always knew Knut was no good.

Saad had his licence suspended on the spot after crashing his car into an unmarked police car.

That truck is not transporting what people think.


I need them to understand.

Spass couldn't jump that far.

What's Shean's office number?

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Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy.

Their apprehensions were justified.

He provided food and clothes for his family.

Thomas thought that Sridhar would never leave him.

Yes, you must.

The crew prepared for the voyage across the Pacific Ocean.

The army faced little opposition.

I was planning to turn this room into my mother's studio, but I'm currently using it as a storage room.

Don't do that.

We missed our plane because of the traffic jam.

She has a slender figure.

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Edward wanted to turn himself in.

I never did figure out how to do that.

I wonder how it came about.


I just saw him three hours ago.

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Harold let this golden opportunity go by.

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It would mean a great deal to me.

She prepared the meal in a very short time.

Who won the game?


You will wish you had never seen it.

You know of course that a mathematical line, a line of thickness nil, has no real existence.

So let us begin.


Is there anything wrong about it?

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I can be your friend, Lea.

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He died one year ago.

He stuck the notice on the board with tacks.

What time should I pick you up?


He left his umbrella in the bus.


I get knowledge by reading books.

Girls mature faster than boys.

Besides being a surgeon, he was a famous writer.

The body of a plane is called the fuselage.

And spent that day with Him.

They're coming to our house. We aren't going to their house.

Unusually warm weather caused problems for the apple harvest.

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I need to stay here with you.

I'll tell them that's not true.

There's a postcard here.

I'd like to see them at 2:30.

I'd like to kiss you.

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My friend recommended that I shouldn't buy an iPad yet, but to wait until I see what Apple's competitors come out with.

The engine would not start.

He had so many bruises he looked like he had been rolled down a hill in a barrel.

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You're a moron.

I'm not an only child.

What country are you from?

I saw him in the parking lot.

Everyone is tired.

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Cindy became famous because he married a famous actress who had been married many times before.

Go back to where you belong.

Taurus was a single dad.

I know how dangerous it can be to be with her.

You tricked us.


They failed to fulfill the conditions.

My world is you!

Johan asked me to come over and help him.

Did Alison tell the truth?

He's kind of cute, but I'm not sure if I like him.


Don't delay finishing the business.

We've spent too much time goofing off. Now it's time to get down to work.

I just wanted to see how you've been doing.

Pim could've and should've stayed longer.

I don't spend much time preparing for English classes.

Mann didn't mean to disappoint Tiefenthal.

I think he's Leads's older brother.


Philip thinks it impossible for Kristi to break the record.

Your payment is now two months overdue.

My brother dared not swim across the river.

What happened freaked us out.

I knew that we'd be late.

He presented me with a bouquet of flowers.

We've been dating for three months now.


The boy was to lose his mother at an early age.

What will life be like in 2014?

He was born in Switzerland.

Could you bring me a blanket?

My friend was very angry when he saw the driver of the car in front of him throw a cigarette butt out the window.


Nobody wants that bicycle.


You are asking about something that is the reason for something happening in the future, and/or a usage. What is that reason, and is it for something happening in the future, a usage, or both?


I've done nothing to you.

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The cloud was pitch black.

He's an undergrad.

I do remember.


"Zelda, I'm going to eat spaghetti for dinner, then I'm going to rub spaghetti into my face! Aren't I funny?" "No, you're not." "Huh?" "Father, stop talking about your dinner." "Yeah, Zelda's right. Your dinner is boring!"

We watched a baseball game on television.

Do you realize what you've done?

I know that you meant well when you gave me that suggestion, and I'm offering advice to you in the same spirit.

Sharada, you look terrible.

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I think she's interested in me.

There's fresh bread and water here.

I've never been happier in my life.

Lum was the only one found alive on the island.

He really pissed me off.

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I've never seen a river so pretty.

I spent idle days during the vacation.

Are you sure this information is reliable?

I'm not sure why you came here.

I've told you everything I can think of.


Louise pulled her wallet out of her purse.

My parents won't let me go out with boys.

I can make them more comfortable.

He ruled for five years. In the sixth year, another king, who was stronger than he, waged war against him.

Would you like to start?


I'll be back in twenty minutes.

I'm proud of my father being a good cook.

Why do you want to take a taxi?

What else would I do on a Monday night?

I wish I could become a bird.


You're not a good teacher.


You've met your match.

How long do horses live?

Those suspicions were unfounded.

I have to set my watch back. It's very fast.

Maybe I fell asleep.

Miltos has been doing well at school.

I told him that I would do my best.

The gift card read: "To my darling wife, Happy Anniversary! Love, Klaudia."

He stammered out a few words.

The world's aviation industry is growing increasingly worried about crashes.

Glynn speaks English with a heavy French accent.

They should pay me.

A detective arrived upon the scene of the crime.

Belief is the death of intelligence.

You almost hit me.


Every time I go out, I forget something. Always!

I think everything happens for a reason.

Calvin is wise enough not to do such a thing.

I was only playing a joke on Anna.

Where's the closest metro station?


I feel like a kid who suddenly realizes that Santa Claus doesn't exist.


Peter didn't apply for the job.

Sandip's great.

This bus stops at all railway crossings.