Even if all it manages is to get part way, it will "tap you on the shoulder" and alert you to its conclusions.

Leigh wished that he could play the guitar.

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Christopher told Tracey she didn't want to see him anymore.

Jinchao may not survive the night.

We hope to see a lot of development over the next decade.

The pen is the tongue of the soul.

Please fasten your seatbelt.

We have a houseful of guests.

I will stay home tomorrow.

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Eugene probably thought I was busy.

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That never even crossed my mind.

I tried it over again.

She picked flowers in the garden.

Paula may not want to go swimming with us.

Bryce's death has been officially ruled as an accident.

He wants vengeance.

Her husband plans to publish a new monthly magazine.


The police took immediate action to deal with the riot.

Why do you love me so much?

This argument is nothing more than rhetoric.

He took the job without giving it much thought.

Much as I like you, I will not marry you.

Exercise trains the muscles.

Stanislaw and Sheila kissed each other.


Do you feel self-conscious about being a nuisance to those around you?

Soon the same waiter came back to pick up the dishes.

The tumor is malignant.

Helsinki is the capital of Finland.

How do you even know that?

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She is not about to get married.

She despised her husband.

"Why are you mad at me?" "I'm not mad at you!"


Who really knows?


Kids are smarter than you think.

He failed to appear on the occasion.

Nothing is so difficult that it cannot be studiously investigated.

The carriage of bicycles is permitted.

Get off at Himeji Station.

Rajendra looks very pleased.

I have known her since she was a child.

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We really need to get going.


The difference in their ages is six years.


If you want we can use English.

Have a seat, Vincenzo.

Do you have to do that?

It's time to begin downsizing.

He is what we call a walking dictionary.

Ariel trusted you.

She always finds fault in everything.

That doesn't concern us.

She can't bring herself to throw away photo albums filled with memories of him.

Don't worry. Everything is going well.

In Kyoto, you can see both old and modern buildings.

This is the house Miriamne is renting.

I don't know when it was exactly.


Starting to speak and making mistakes is a lot better than to keep silent in resignation.

Whose phone is that?

Staying at home is not a pleasant thing.


Susan hates doing housework, but this morning she's helping her mother in the kitchen.

I had the same thing happen to me last month.

The restaurant is a pleasant out-of-the-way spot in New York.

Didn't you remove them from the premises some years ago?

We're not being sued.

Look around you. What do you see?

Sanand threw his line in and waited for the fish to bite.


Some believe in God, but others do not.


Sri does not know how to sing.


I'm ready to roll up my sleeves.

I love your apartment.

I have a best friend.


Picasso is an eminent painter.

The mountain climbers reached the summit before dark.

Why are you working for Herb?

I don't like the way Nathaniel did that.

They just don't trust you.


I'm sorry that you've been badly injured.

Things are not like they used to be.

Isidore waved at Victor from the helicopter.

Carole has threatened to kill me.

But what did he see in the clear stream below? His own image; no longer a dark, gray bird, ugly and disagreeable to look at, but a graceful and beautiful swan.


Do you have a reservation?

That man has a hand, rather than a paw, hoof, fin or wing has set him above all other animals and has enabled him to develop a culture based on toolmaking and tool using.

Can I order from the breakfast menu?

They were too close to the door to close it.

I don't think she would understand it.

The concert was well attended.

She is old enough to travel by herself.

Harry is gentle with cats.

Jarl had a tooth pulled out yesterday.

This is a law.

Two senior officials are suspected of accepting bribes from real estate companies.

Charley insisted that Jarvis go there by herself.

Now that I've lost my virginity, I feel much more confident.

If you don't stop smiling, you'll get a kiss from me.

I wish you would do as you're told.


German is not only spoken in Germany.


My mother is the first one to get up every morning.

He saved a lot of money.

Her desires were fully fullfilled.

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Please come back to Boston and visit us whenever you have a chance.


Do people really say that?

If a conversation is not going too well, try changing tack.

It's by no means impossible to earn one million yen a month.


I need soldiers for a mission.

His sympathy was mere show.

It's difficult to evaluate his ability.

If everyone shouts at once, we won't be able to hear what the Prime Minister has to say.

Who is responsible for leaving the window open?


You can tell me.

He'll try to find everything out.

You need to start telling the truth.

Nothing's good enough for us.

Erwin is a much better chess player than me.

Would you mind telling me what you're waiting for?

The husband and his wife drink tea.

I am accustomed to working hard.

This took place on the following day.


Can you take me?

Indra unscrewed her lipstick.

That would be unfortunate.

You're a little drunk, aren't you?

You'd better stay at home rather than go out on such a day.

Because of his advice, I was able to succeed.

Are you coming to dinner?

She is merciful.

I was told Valerie would be here.


I come with myself.

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He is not content with his present salary.

I want to be very clear about that.

At the time, you were outside.

These teacups make a pair.

Always keep your fingernails and toenails trimmed.

Hey, look what I can do!

Cristopher was hit by a tranquilizer dart.

He is always at your back.

It would be good if you started work.

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At the moment they think that the accident is due to his carelessness.

Angela had other things he wanted to be doing.

I felt a touch of pain in my head.

Carisa loved Gregg and Lonhyn loved him.

We got this chair free.

I sent her home.

I'm not registering their luggage.

I don't like the way Marvin does business.

Do not block the driveway.

I agree with much of what Sanand said.

This place is a labyrinth.

I was enchanted by the performance of the group.

It was a lucky win.


You always were an optimist.


You were lucky that you didn't get caught in the rain.

Thanks to the arrangements made by Ken'ichi, the women found various places to work around town.

Natraj has been accused of cheating.


I didn't invite him to the party. I feel guilty about it.

We are gaining a day.

Whatever we may undertake, diligence is important.

Morgan is in the kitchen cooking us something to eat.

This is the best time of the year.


Shahid leaned against the mantelpiece.

You seem busy.

Lorenzo is very kind to us.

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You look so beautiful today.

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Is the book boring?


I have a message for you.