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Call me if there's any trouble.


All of us would like to get rid of nuclear weapons.

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May it go well for you.

Should I make something up?

The last time we ate dinner together, you would only eat vegetables.

You always object when I try to do things my way.

He that dies pays all debts.

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Breeding swifts will sleep in the nest, and what a relief that must be. Otherwise they sleep on the wing - the only bird known to do this.

Maybe we can find someplace to park further up the street.

I plan to make a trip to China in the winter or some time around then.

Her cheeks flamed up.

You're doctors.

They rescued him from danger.

The last hope left her.

My guess is that Roman isn't having much fun.

Let's hear the other side.

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They'll be glad if it rains soon.


Ellen didn't go yesterday.

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We will have a discussion concerning the prognosis.

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There are two police officers at door.

Rhinos are killed by poachers for their horns.

We must talk.

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What've you lost?


You've got to learn to hold your tongue.

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I am Hungarian.

Stay out of the kitchen.

This house belongs to me.

Chimpanzees have been known to maul their owners.

We prayed that our daughters would forgive us.


The reasons of our failure are the following.

He dropped in on some old friends during his vacation trip to New York.

He can't seem to understand that poem.

He didn't arrive until the concert was over.

Your closet is already full. Space will have to be freed up somewhere else for your new clothes.


I do not want anyone for this job.

I also play keyboard in my band.

I just don't want to fight with you.


The blood test is normal.

You've got to reconsider.

You're just being paranoid.

He was in the habit of taking a walk after supper.

You're off in your reckoning.


To do him justice, he is able.

Dimitry is a man of few words.

The policeman signaled the car to stop with a flashlight.


Would it inconvenience you to go yourself?

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I don't recommend eating in that restaurant. The food is awful.


When comparing two vector quantities of the same type, you have to compare both the magnitude and the direction.

Paola signed the documents.

Bertrand didn't mean to be rude.

The dog ate the bone, which I gave him.

I look forward to meeting you.

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She was painfully thin.

I ate with my baby brother.

He likes the extreme cold of Alaska.

Frederick's carrying something in his left hand.

Jingbai didn't notice the mud on his shoes.

I want to see Tammy tomorrow.

This shirt must go to the laundry.

I wish I could figure out how to get Rainer to like me.

Help him.


Ernst doesn't want dinner.

I really want to talk to Alexis.

Wet clothes clung to her body.


My fever won't go away.

The population of this country is diminishing.

I wish now I'd given Sharon a chance.

Nadeem passed the examination.

We need to change an Internet where women are routinely harassed and threatened when they go online.

These messages have to be read between the lines.

In order to prevent a further drop of the Japanese currency, the Bank of Japan intervened in the market to support it at around 150 yen to the dollar.

How did they get there?

As the road was wet, the car must have slipped sideways.

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I know each one of you.


He always wears dark glasses.


I don't want to see it.

Dan hit Matt and forced him to apologize to Linda.

Space missed her.

Tell me what you did to Shounan.

I suggest you turn around and go back home.

What's the minimum salary in Australia?

I thought you were just here to see Len.

Phill is taking antidepressants.

Now listen up.

Don't tell her where you live.

Just remember to have fun.

Trying comes from the southern part of France.

Tran follows Jenine on Twitter.


What's the most convenient way to get to Tokyo Station?

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He who has bees also has honey.

I want to put this on house charge.

Are you willing to help them?


Stanford University has educated entrepreneurs like Larry Page and Sergey Brin.


This is a really bad time.


Things didn't go as planned.

Did you forget your wallet again?

Did your father hug you much when you were a kid?

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Why doesn't he say it to her?

Lynne got up off the floor.

Isn't there another way out of this?

That was depressing.

He's a bit pasty.

There is no knowing when a severe earthquake will happen in Tokyo.

Do you want an economy-size car?

I used to cook three meals a day.

Whatever you do, don't smile.

Radio's been replaced by the TV.

I decided not to go to Europe.

It was really sad.

Does prison reform criminals?

You take that back.

We hate our wicked and corrupt leaders!


We'll never get past those sentries.

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I told you I could help you.

Come with me to the station.

Who told you I was Canadian?

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I have been here several times this year.

You are free to leave when you don't like this anymore.

He wrote a lot of stories.


I wish Spock would depend on me more.

Cicero is Tully.

I ride my bike to work.

I've lost interest in golf.

I pulled myself together and started my work.

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Tell Claire to give you some scissors.

I'm sorry to say this, but you're fired.

Jarvis looked up at the sky.

Excuse me, could someone tell me where the bathroom is?

It was raining that day.

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Whose umbrella did you use?

We took an airplane from Mexico to Madrid.

I only speak French with him.

I put on my socks in a jiffy.

I've said enough.

Our kids hate us.

I hope they're all correct.

Roderick is responsible, isn't he?

It's my brother's.

This shirt is too big for me.

You have good instincts.

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Please call in a doctor.

Who do you think did this?

I am a bit crazy.

"You're interested in this sort of thing?" "No, not really."

If you want it done well, I'm your man.

I love the beautiful day.

Have you really talked to her?

Someone is playing the piano.

How do you spell "pretty"?

He asked me to communicate his wishes to you.

She's being serious.


We must be imagining things.

I've heard from her.

Dan didn't even go to the party.


Helena arrived at the airport only minutes before her flight left and profanely berated the airport security staff who told her to empty her pockets and purse and examined her carry-on bag. When she later apologized for her angry outburst, she agreed that her frustration at missing a flight did not give her licence to throw a hissy fit at the airport.

He was imprisoned and killed during the revolution.

Dimetry took a lot of pictures at the party.

Mehrdad is a chiropractor, isn't he?

You're contradicting yourselves.

He is a university student.

List has done something terribly stupid!