Most children feel ashamed in front of people they don't know.

It's a trap.

How well did you know them?

This car won't start.

My uncle keeps a dog.

What I really want to do is to go swimming.

Gear the engine to the front wheels.

Floria knows how to do what needs to be done.

If I'd driven a little faster, we'd have gotten there on time.

They had their arms around each other.

We've got nothing to do with this.

Is everybody listening?

Why would he want to impress her?

Why the long face?


I only did the bare minimum.


His long and untidy hair was similar to a lion's mane.


Did they play so badly that they don't even deserve a comment?

They told Monica to stop doing what he was doing.

Daniel certainly thinks he's clever.

You go to school.

I need you to leave now.

I bet you've never climbed a tree.

I must be there.

I like shopping in used-book stores and in used-clothing shops.

The legality of his act is not in doubt for me, because everything he does is completely legal.


Collin is a bleeding-heart liberal.


Dwindling resources have hampered the efforts of police to stem the rise of violent crime in the city.


When will that mystery be cleared up?


I've never heard of the actor.

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We use DS as an abbreviation of 'dyad' style.


He made a favorable impression on his bank manager.


Is your head full of straw?

What's Dean doing in there?

There's someone there.

Vladimir Putin and Angela Merkel agreed to continue consultations both in the bilateral format (through the two nations' Foreign Ministries) and multilaterally to promote the stabilization of the situation in Ukraine.

He likes sweet tea.

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Kyle didn't answer.


Dan went back to sit with his children.

Please write me a reply soon.

He criticized the war after leaving the military.

I'm the crazy one.

I'll be very frank with you.

Does the cough disturb your sleep?

It's fascinating.

My house is close to the sea.

When does it start?

The line was huge and stretched all the way around the block.

Start your morning off with coffee.

Vladislav's hand-eye coordination has never been the same since the accident.

I knew what was in the other room.


Can we really have all of these?

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He got angry with whoever challenged him.

Stop pretending that everything's okay. It's not.

They work for a packaging company.


Do you have any CDs?

My wife prepares very good meals in this kitchen.

Sarah almost fell over the cliff.

How long is the movie?

"Professor, what's happened?" - "Guys, my orange was trying to seize the world with his black... moustache!" - "You're crazy, right?" - "Right."


He was described as an unusually passionless person.

He is in the habit of reading the newspaper during meals.

I really want to go away, far from the noises of the city.


Cookie's house is made of wood.

We thought that you would not come because of your commitments.

You're spending less and less time with the children.

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Please pass me the salt and pepper.


Do you need a few minutes?

There's no way I can catch her.

A whale is no less a mammal than a horse.

India is now short of food.

Are you tired now?


I couldn't be better.

Another problem is safety.

I'm on the wrong bus.


The king has reigned over the country for many years.

I'm still in Boston, but I'll be back home tomorrow.

I assumed that you were in charge.

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Don't believe a single word of it.

I went home and cried.

Sergio is taller and stronger than Markus.

It's unlikely Maurice will know what needs to be done.

We have to come to some agreement.

Myron wasn't able to open the box.

How many times am I supposed to keep telling you that you shouldn't be late?

She has a good memory.

Can we put this incident behind us?

If you don't study harder, you'll definitely fail.

In all times and places many examples of poor relations between wives and mothers-in-law can be seen.

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Since he's crazy about movies, he watches as many movies as he can.


The post office is not too far from here.

I'll see you around.

Tommy is the same.

Amos was standing behind Valerie.

What's this chair doing here?

I'd appreciate some help.

Why didn't you replied to me?

These fragile items must be insured against all risks.

The Romans forced onto the people they defeated, among other things, their language.

Beside Barack Obama, all US presidents were white.

Technology has given us immense power.


You always like to trip me up, don't you?

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Are you serious, or have you gone crazy?


Give her a kiss for me.

Rathnakumar has probably already finished his homework.

I am in touch with him.

Our words are potentially ambiguous.

Vilhelm couldn't seem to get Torsten to stop crying.


We're eating up a lot of time writing letters by hand.


Why can't you do what you're told?


If only I had left home five minutes earlier.


Every man must die.

He is rotten to the core.

Could you describe it, please?

I didn't tell you everything.

The boy has been sleeping for ten hours.

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If you're happy, then I'm happy for you.

I'd like to have this film processed.

I'm about Laurie's age.

Shari died of a heroin overdose.

Who was it that broke the window yesterday?

I got a good seat.

Hubert was afraid he'd be late.

I think it's highly unlikely that Lin will get custody of the kids.

We had similar problems.


He won't like this.

There were lots of bundles, but they weren't thousand-dollar bills.

Jussi introduced Juha to me.

I wasn't in the office then, so I don't know what happened.

The area of the factory is 1,000 square meters.

You can't win an argument with an idiot.

Does it hurt when you chew?

What I'm about to say will answer your question.

I can hardly walk.


I just got a call from them.

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Have you walked the dog already today?


Which car is less crowded?


What happened to you yesterday?

Sue made a crucial mistake.

He's in a good mood today.


Rodger goes to school by foot.

Let's drink this beer.

This is usually unnecessary.

She's a public health volunteer.

Novorolsky will find it.

On December 15th, 1859, Ludoviko Lazaro was born, the first son. Four other sons and three daughters were to follow later.

They dismissed his criticism as hypocrisy.

Yakitori is a Japanese food.

Please give me an envelope.



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Happiness is not to be loved, but to love.

I want us to make it happen.

I thought you two knew each other.

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The detective took down his testimony on the spot.

I hate hypocrisy.

No wonder he is so angry.

Yes, my name is Karen Smith.

I was bitterly disappointed.

I'm here to fix the broken window.

Shall we go home?