They sheared the sheep.

There was a striking resemblance between them.


Hang on; we're almost there.

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I asked whether she could sew for me.

Eliot must let Lin know sooner or later.

All the students were wearing black T-shirts.

The Netherlands have won the 2010 World Cup.

He is a woman hater.

Tell me where to put these books.

She loves trains.

He's a law-abiding citizen.

The woman is not young.


They were too naive to understand the necessity of studying.

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Does Susanne think Patricia did it?


I don't like the way Diana looks at me.

What are you driving at?

We've got a lot of things to do first.

I think Terrence has been punished enough.

I didn't listen to a word.


Both Vishal and Cyrus are Canadians.

This is due to English being a world language.

The eggs are still hot.

Everything's in place.

For the first time in my life, I found myself all alone in an unknown city.

We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.

Elsa is smarter than anyone else.

This is very similar to the one I have.

I don't understand why Isabelle did that.


All three were killed.

No, I didn't sleep with him.

He's the class clown.

He gets mad very easily.

Would you mind helping us?

You're not yourself today.

Do you love me, Naresh?

We chose Huey a good birthday present.

Tell me what you did in Tokyo.

How was the French class?

Are we safe in here?

Everyone around here knows his name.

Time to begin.

We thought you could help.

I should give her a chance.


Maybe Roderick was hiding something.


Let's start where we left off yesterday.

Has the rose blossomed?

It's one of the most exclusive addresses in the city.

Does everyone get the plan?

You'd better wait until Brodie gets here.

This road leads to the station.

Thanks to the nice weather, we were able to harvest all of the crops in a day.

Please step back from the edge of the platform.

Orville was Julius's alleged accomplice.

She goes to night school.

I presented him with a gold watch.


Apparently, the bus is late.

I have a bad pain in my lower back.

This is one of my favorite songs.

I gave my father a silk tie.

I could have stopped Cecilia, but I didn't.

Can you clean up this mess?

We're not done playing yet.

That kind of behavior is unacceptable.

The body changes a lot during puberty.

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Do you think we're stupid?

You seem to attract that type!

You MAY do it.


He quickly runs out of breath.


You shouldn't go looking for trouble.

Does he have experience?

Sandy has to be here.

I don't follow.

Klaudia wondered how much tequila Guy could drink before she passed out.

Dimetry makes a lot of mistakes in French.

It's bad for the heart.

I'm uncertain what time he is coming.

Clara is coming back from Australia next week.

Liu Bei and Zhuge Liang are an unbeatable team.

I don't want to say anything that might make Pontus angry.


Mr Smith is pleased at his son's success.

I think I'm ready for a change.

We need to work together in order to make Tatoeba a better website.

I tried to persuade Lucius to come to Boston with us, but he said he had other things he had to do.

I haven't the slightest idea.

Which month is it now?

I told them you were happy.

I began to write a book.

I'll get the ladder.

It seems that there are people in Japan who keep penguins as pets.

Search harder on Google!


This is an entertaining program for children.

Do you really live alone?

Bring them back!

I could've done much better if I'd tried.

What did you spill?

He never goes to a meeting.

No one survived the plane crash.

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Are you truly blind?

Sit down and make yourself comfortable!

I cannot switch the lamp on. The baby is sleeping.

You had better ask him in advance how much it will cost.

I was lost.

We should consider the problem from a child's point of view.

I don't want one.

The book is mine.

We don't have to do this now.

Ned was the oldest one in our class.

I thought I heard a voice.

I'll go to check out the bedroom.

I suppose we should tell Ruth the truth.

The rocket is in orbit around the moon.

From everything you've told me, Dimitry loved you.

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It will not be long before he comes.

Love is a kind of madness.

Why don't you take a closer look?

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He fell into a rage.

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Santa and Sanjay were completely alone.

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I am afraid she is ill.

She deliberated over whether to go or stay.

I have to finish my book.


Do you understand what you're saying?

On his way home, Reinhard met a man who he thought was an American.

Tokyo is the capital of Japan.

How could I not see this coming?

We should do this every day.


He ran as fast as he could, but it was too late.

This is the boy whom I saw yesterday.

As I'm not good at swimming, I avoid swimming out of my depth.

The office was small but it had a view of the city.

He has been dead for ten years.


I know she is very cute.

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I just need some aspirin.


Throw him the ball.


Oh no!

I figured it was easier to do it this way.

I want you to stay.

We must reunite them at all costs.

The water of the water supply is dangerous.

He is still alive.

She was beginning to get desperate.


I didn't think you'd want to see me again.

Sigurd said that he'd be late.

There has to be a way to solve this.


Jinny punished his children for what they did.


He did not believe in physical space flight, but astral projection through the vastness he considered possible.

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I intend to go on doing so.


Sometimes, I think that I think too much.

We shouldn't have any trouble if the traffic isn't too heavy.

The service is excellent in this hotel.

Thanks, that's all.

Father never hits me on the head.

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Why don't you go and have a look?


That was a recommendation, not a command.

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We know we're capable of that.

I don't remember actually deciding to do that.

I have been speaking Spanish.

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My sister asked Father to buy a new bicycle.

I'll take a rain check on that.

Before electricity was discovered, Christmas trees used to be lit by candles.

Is Phillip in?

This ticket entitles you to a free meal.


You should have started by now.

This word is difficult to pronounce.

We should worship our ancestors.