I really did learn a lot.

I thought the time for the meeting had been changed.

Sanford grabbed the rope that was lowered from the helicopter.

Another coffee, please.

There is no need to worry about funds.


The blood on my shirt is my brother's.

You should consult them.

I want to know why you were absent yesterday.

Can I borrow your phone?

Diane is watching figure skating on TV.

Is it far from here?

I am nearly forty and still unmarried.


What has that to do with me?

Barton wanted Sassan to carry her books.

How much should we tip him?

I was just looking out for him.

I watched a movie in French with English subtitles.


This is a fowl.

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Are you dressed?

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Location: A fewminutes from the Verona Est turnpike exit.

I used those flowers to spruce up the house.

You're quite drunk.


You had better check them at the front desk.

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He seized the child's hand.


After the heavy rains, the river overflowed its banks.


Which Spanish-English dictionary would you recommend for beginners?

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I want to know where Morton is from.

He is seeking employment.

I want to see it for myself.

It's on the sofa.

The windows were open.

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I cannot but admire his courage.

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I'm going to take June to Sassan's house.

Our class consists of 40 boys.

My knee hurts when I bend it.

Her father dedicated his life to science.

The union went out on a strike for an indefinite period.

Phil and I are kind of busy right now.

That's why my heart suffers so incessantly.

I'm just a little busy right now.

The way he talks and acts, you can tell he's a redneck.


The story ends happily.

I came to save you.

Who's at the switchboard today?


Don't worry, this street is not obstructed

Where's my phone book?

I can't think of life without you.

You were careless to leave your umbrella on the train.

They obeyed.

I think we're going to need it all.

What do you want to do about Stacey?

I think there's something we're overlooking.

Sitting all day isn't good for you.

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They're getting onto us!

I like to swim in salt water.

Gigi enjoyed the party.

I think Lyndon's grandmother is too old to be wearing a bikini.

Fuck my life.

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What's your age?

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This is your own fault.

It's bedtime.

We charge a commission of 3%.

The empty house was full of dust.

The jacket was cut too long.

It's forbidden to carry arms.

As soon as the new teacher entered the classroom, the students began to applaud.

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I hated Kayvan more than anybody else.

We plan to put Miki in an all-boys school.

I didn't mean her.

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I still believe in love.


Eliminating the deficit will be a very difficult job.

You know her name, don't you?

The main secret of thoughts is where do they come from? It is impossible to catch a thought until it comes to your mind. That's why I take my own thoughts as a gift that I'm happy to use.

There is an urgent message for you.

Polar bears are white because they're old bears.

They were all happy.

She's making money hand over fist.

You have my attention already.

Squirrels are nimble in climbing trees.

You do have a point there.

The weather was getting worse and worse as the day went on.

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I didn't know you had children.

I'd like to live in that house.

They obstructed our plan.

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Do you need something to drink?

It is impossible to distinguish one from the other.

In this essay, Guillermo distills the arguments for and against leaving the EU.


Her house is just opposite the bus stop.

I haven't been able to open this door.

Somebody has broken this dish.


If I could, I would let every caged bird fly free.

Vicky has been everywhere.

Let's talk to Patty and find out what he thinks.

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Can we not talk about it, please?


This is the kind of gossip you usually find in a glossy magazine.


Dan crossed the border to Mexico but was immediately arrested by the local police.

Has Marvin ever visited Australia?

That's not the case.

Two years have passed since Jim graduated from high school.

When was the last time you sat up late?

I was sleeping when Wendi got here.

I don't want you to be upset.

I tried to stop her but she made off in a hurry.

Do you want to play shogi?

I should've let her go fishing.

Is Pat there yet?


This year I didn't have time to go on holidays.

What do you suggest doing?

I'm learning Basque.

Don't go picking the flowers in the flower bed, or else you'll be caught.

Show me how to do this.


I joke with Ram all the time.

I never thought of it that way.

Why doesn't the U.S. switch to the metric system?

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Everything was so beautiful.


I didn't make you a cripple.

I hope we see each other again soon.

It's a personnel matter.


Did you see any birds?

A doctor is an expert in medicine.

The bread really smells good.


How I'd like to be with you!

The water is not clean.

Because it had been raining for a couple of days, the pitch was muddy and difficult to play on.

Smoking on duty is not allowed.

Clara pulled a map out of the glove compartment.

Tell Kari I'll be ready.

I'll meet you here tomorrow at 2:30.

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We didn't mean for that to happen.

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Kenn is chewing something.

Thanks for warning me.

I just wanted to tell you I've always loved you.

I'm looking forward to seeing you dance.

Will you leave this with me for a while?


Juergen seems to know all that already.


There are many good things in the world.

Keep an eye on my suitcase while I get my ticket.

We'll get socked any minute now.

He got hoarse from so much shouting.

Forks and chopsticks became popular because they could easily handle hot food.

Toerless arrived very early.

Raanan wasn't badly injured.


I don't drink as much as I used to.

It's like water on the duck's back.

Who's laughing?


We know what's going to happen.


You'd better call them up.

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This is the dilemma.


There isn't any film in this camera.


Please get your facts right.

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I didn't tell him that.

The two boys became intimate friends at the camp.

This apple tastes very sour.

The sentence is useful.

She is a regular beauty.